Thursday, April 26, 2007

Huwag Iboto

As i mentioned in this post, getting the required number of 79 pro-impeachment Members of the House of Representatives would require the voting in of the Party List groups listed in the sidebar (courtesy of the Black and White Movement's White List).

The illegitimate occupant of Malacanang Gloria Arroyo also realizes this, which is why they have put up fronts that will protect its interest in the House. The black list (as compiled by KONTRA DAYA*) can be found in the Black and White Movement's blog.

Sa darating na halalan, huwag po nating tangkilikin ang mga kandidato ni Gloria Arroyo, tago man o lantaran.

*A broad-based election watchdog formed to expose the very possible repeat of wholesale election fraud in the May Philippine elections.


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Thanks for dropping by.

BTW, i know you favor English as the medium of instruction, but i think your anecdote over at mlq3's actually makes a strong case for the other side. I'm glad you shared your first hand account.

Anonymous said...

I have been advocating such a thing - campaigning for pro-impeachment congressmen. Instead of whining and bitching. I have disseminated it many months earlier in the blogs of Ricky Carandang and Ellen Tordesillas.

(even though I prefer GMA stepping down in 2010)

But our friends at Ellen's blog ignored it, preferring to whine and bitch instead.

Now that the BnW is doing it, my idea became acceptable! If the idea came from a "member of the Internet Brigade" forget about it.

By the way, I was barred already from Ellen's blog. Its a good thing you have your own blog, where I am assured of purely intellectual and mind-stretching discussions.

Kung baga sa boxing at wrestling, puro technicians dito. Like Erik Morales, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Bob Backlund, Bret Hart, Mil Mascaras, Chris Benoit. Hindi brawlers like Mike Tyson, Marco Antonio Barrera, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Kane, Batista.

Though nakaka-miss din makipagbalitaktakan with the brawlers at Ellen's blog.

For me, the technician can beat the brawler all the time.