Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Senator Pimentel's Report on Trillanes

Via Ellen Tordesillas:

Senator Aquilino Pimentel visited fellow Senator Antonio Trillanes and the other detainees from the Peninsula Standoff. He provided the following report in the form of a PowerPoint presentation:

I have extracted the following highlights from the above presentation:
  • Shots were fired to make it appear that there was an armed uprising going on in the Pen when in fact there was none.
  • The presence of media prevented a bloodbath.
  • Trillanes explains that his cause – even the recent Peninsula Hotel incident - was not an armed uprising or a rebellion. They wanted, he said, to simply air their grievance against their prolonged detention and pendency of the criminal charges against them in the Makati court and several disciplinary charges against them in various court martials.
Update 12-12-07 7:01PM: More clarifications from Senator Trillanes regarding his PDAF Allocation and apology to the Court.

Update 12-14-07 12:43AM: Schumey displays a copy of Senator Trillanes' letter to Senator Enrile.

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