Wednesday, July 16, 2008

GK's Agenda

Me : Gawad Kalinga is primarily a racket to win converts.
Tony Meloto: No it's not.
Carlos Palad: Yes, it is.


MinaFrancisco said...

Did Carlos say that? where in the world did you get that exchange? Or are you putting it in his mouth? Mag-inggat kang mag-ascribe ng mga salita sa mga tao. You may be ruining a person's life in the process. hinay-hinay, pls. don't try to get attention for your blog by using other people's names and their reputations.

cvj said...

Mina, you can click through the link i provided to read the speech of Tony Meloto and Carlos Palad's reaction. The message i got is that while Mr. Meloto saw Gawad Kalinga as a good in itself, Mr. Palad believes that 'Christianity as a public service and as sociopolitical liberation' is a 'terrible, terrible error'.

To Mr. Palad, the public service aspect of Christianity is secondary, i.e. a mere instrument, to its primary mission of saving souls. From an outsider's point of view [aka my point of view], he is in effect saying that Gawad Kalinga is primarily a racket to win converts.

Just to clarify, i do not believe that GK itself is primarily a 'racket' because under Tony Meloto's direction, it was implemented with the right disposition.

I take exception to your accusing me of 'seeking attention' when all i'm doing is calling it the way i see it. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, then it's not my problem.

Anonymous said...

Mina: cvj has a palusot.

Note that he ascribed to himself the sentence"Gawad Kalinga is a racket to win converts"

cvj said...

UPn, thanks for pointing that out.