Friday, July 27, 2007

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, i wanted these guys to be bombed to oblivion. I thought to myself then, how dare they disrupt our peaceful, democratic way of life and bring us back to the bad old days of attempted coups. I never expected that i would be voting for one of them in the last election. I still would not condone the way they risked the lives of the Oakwood residents but i do appreciate the logic behind their widthrawal of support. As they have warned us, all is not well and subsequent events have revealed the true nature of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's Administration and the Military Generals who prop her up. We are a nation that is fast running out of selfless and wise elders, not that they were in abundant supply in the first place. Our hope as a people rests on enabling young leaders like Captain Faeldon and Senator Trillanes to put their ideals into action, as they have done so since July 27, 2003.


Anonymous said...

The Filipino electorate must somehow get the message to the moderates --- the university administrators, the farmers, the businessmen, the teachers, the doctors and nurses and lawyers and and engineers and seamen --- that they are preferred over mutineers and other violence-oriented radicals.

cvj said...

UP n, by sending Trillanes to the Senate, it's the Filipino electorate who sent a message to the 'moderates'.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, they still don't get the message. They call the 11 million who voted for Trillanes as stupid.