Friday, February 29, 2008

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: Resign!

For violating Article VII Section 20 of the Philippine Constitution which provides:
"The President may contract or guarantee foreign loans on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines with the prior concurrence of the Monetary Board, and subject to such limitations as may be provided by law. The Monetary Board shall, within thirty days from the end of every quarter of the calendar year, submit to the Congress a complete report of its decision on applications for loans to be contracted or guaranteed by the Government or government-owned and controlled corporations which would have the effect of increasing the foreign debt, and containing other matters as may be provided by law."

The Monetary Board was not consulted and much less its approval asked.

(Thanks to Commenter MVJ for the heads up.)


pian said...

The main problem is that we have a very illegitimate democratic system. Our voters elect only those people who are popular and not if they are capable. The big dilemma if GMA is ousted, the VP will take over who was elected PURELY because he’s popular with the masses, and not because he’s capable to lead the nation. Our economy has never grown this much, I don’t want to take the chance by entrusting it to someone solely popular with the masses.

cvj said...

Hi Pian, thanks for your comment. I believe your view expresses what our society's elitists are afraid of, which is why they have chosen to play shortsighted Machiavellian games and choose to tolerate GMA's cheating and corruption.

What elitists fail to see is that GMA's reporting style is just like that of an Enron executive and our economic gains under her are, to put it mildly, somewhat suspect. It's mostly all a confidence game. Certainly those 'gains' are not enough to squander social capital and the integrity of our institutions.

If the elitists get over their own superiority complex, they will see that no single class has a monopoly of wisdom and/or stupidity.

MBW said...

Well said, Chuck!

MBW said...

Manila Bay Watch: Jen-Jen's Gloria resign blogswarm is headline news!

pian said...

It’s not being elitist.
Ang pagiging elitista pagyayabang. Hindi yon yung pakay ko sa pagpusta nito. Lahat naman tayo may kailangang matutunan. Iba-iba lang ang levels. Kasi kung pare-pareho edi dapat walang Valedictorian, Salutatorian, etc. Pinost ko ito para lang ibahagi yung nalalaman ko. Kasi kung walang magsasabi sino pa? Lahat tayo magdurusa dito. Halata kasi sakin na ang pakay lang ng mga Senador nato from GO e para lang magka-edge sila sa eleksyon at marami kasi silang gustong maging presidente. Ang mga investigations sa Senado should be in aid-of-legislation, e wala naman silang batas na ginagawa.
Kung somewhat suspect sayo itong mga GDP/GNP growths, e hindi dapat siya nireport at kaduda-duda. Dapat nireview siya ng husto ng mga ahensya bago siya nilabas at eto kasi pinagbabasehan ng foreign investors.

pian said...

Below is a transcript of a supposedly wiretapped conversation between Joey and Jun I got from a website. Judge for yourself if Jun Lozada is indeed deserving to be treated a hero, but of course after ascertaining if this is genuine.
usapang udifuta
TRACK 3...

Joey (allegedly, Joey de Venecia): Hey Jun.
Jun (allegedly, Jun Lozada): Hey Joey.
Joey: Jun, can you hear me?
Jun: Yeah. Go ahead.
Joey: Yeah, where are you to put Chair (Abalos)?
Jun: Ang formula ko doon is kuha ako ng points dun sa 130.
Joey: Uh-huh…
Jun: Di ba? Kasi saan ko pa kukunin di ba? (laughs) Itong mga …
Joey: Kaya lang pare, we need to get some… at least from… something from them, di ba?
Jun: Yeah.. from both sides. P*t@ng!na…
Joey: Pare.. start from the thing.. Because he’s the gatekeeper of the votes. P*ta. I can understand, but not that amount.
Jun: Oh yeah. that’s too big, right. That’s too big.
Joey: Pare, let’s develop a plan to talk to him.
Jun: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So…
Joey: And you know what he told me, between you and I. When we were in Hong Kong… in Shenzen. Don’t quote me ha. Sabi niya kasi, marami akong…... Tinanong ko bakit ba ang laki-laki? Singkwenta.. Sabi niya marami ako kelangan bigyan. Pati yung NEDA. He said the word NEDA ha. P*t@ngina. For your information pare.
Jun: Information? I would understand that… He’d like to look at…
Joey: Maybe, wait, you can quote me and say, sabi ni Joey meron daw… sabi mo sa kanya may NEDA dun. (laughs) Di ba? He told me pare. (laughs)
Jun: Sige, sige…
Joey: P*t@ng!na, baka magwala na naman yung… (laughs)
Jun: For some reason, I have this chemistry with him. Sabi ko Chair… In fact, sabi niya, Jun, ikaw na mag-referee bukas ha. Sabi niya, I want you to be there. Ikaw na mag-referee, ikaw na magsabi kung papaano. Sige po Sir, ako na ang mag-aano sa ano… (laughs)
Joey: Well anyway, so that’s where I’m looking at right now. .. ought to get you.. And then, uh, think of a strategy for Ben (Abalos?), and if you need me to back you up, I’ll be there.
Jun: Hey Joey, regarding this Chinese embassy thing. I think I struck a motherload no? I’ll put them in Roxas Boulevard. P*t@ng!na, di ba?
Joey: In the Reformation? (Reclamation)
Jun: No, p*t@ng!na, that’s not prime. We’ll put them in the CCP complex.
Joey: Yup, got it.
Jun: P*t@ng!na. Yeah, that’s, wala.. I can ??? that ??? agreement. (I can swing that gddam deal pare)
Joey: You mean, owned by the Central Bank?
Jun: Yeah! Can you imagine? P*t@ng!na, same stature as the American embassy, better pa, di ba? The Japanese Embassy is in Roxas Boulevard. The American embassy is there. So p*ta, I just arrived that we put the Chinese embassy right in the midst of it all, di ba? Joey: Yes, yes, of course. That’s ??? to hear. That’s foresight. (That’s perfect)
Jun: … don’t mention my name. I think he knows me well.
Joey: Gaano kalaki, pare?
Jun: P*t@ng!na, as much as 15 hectares. (laughs)
Joey: P*t@ng!na. Tapos siguro kumuha rin tayo dun. Pero we need 10 finances. (10 financers)
Jun: No, no, no, no. P*t@ng!na. I cannot just tell you all the things that I’ve been asked to do. But that one I think, I can ??? for ourselves.
Joey: I’ll talk to the…
Jun: Talk to him right away.

Anonymous said...

1. It's amazing how that "wiretapped" conversation is being used against Lozada as proof against him and Joey DV, buy at the same time, Abalos is saying that they set-up the whole thing to discredit him (Abalos).

2. I'm more interested in seeing Abalos' mobile phone billing statements in order to determine if he truly never talked to Lozada. When asked about his phone records, Abalos ignored the question 3 times.

Anonymous said...

buy = but (typo)

cvj said...

Pian, what makes you think you're better in making decisions than the masa whom you criticize? What if i tell you that i think the masa is smarter than you although even if i think that, i won't agree to taking away your right to vote.

I've read that transcript, thanks. As i commented over at Ricky Carandarang's blog, if the transcript is true, it just shows how the extent to which Lozada has redeemed himself.

pian said...

Then why did Erap become president with the most number of votes? Why was FPJ elected? Why did Noli become VP?
I’m just sharing my observation about this. You can call it criticism if you want, but my only intention is to share what I’m learning for the sake of the country and not to criticize. Like I said, all people need to learn but at different levels.
Sure, Lozada makes it appear that he redeemed himself, but his confession was more motivated by fear rather than to correct a wrong, for I do believe he was kidnapped, for the tears were real.

cvj said...

Hi Pian, so you admit that it was FPJ who was elected? Good! You and i may not agree with the majority's choices but we must learn to respect them because no one is infallible and everyone can make errors of judgment. As it turns out, the majority may have been right in choosing FPJ over GMA. As events have shown, if we do not respect the democratic process, then what we get is deception, coercion and the corruption needed to fund it.

pian said...

But then, we also got economic growths. With FPJ, he has the charisma of a movie star, but that wouldn’t work for the economy.

cvj said...

Pian, the economic growth figures are questionable as i explained in a previous blog entry because the increase in per capita GDP for the past 10 years does not coincide with the decrease in Average Family Income during the same period. Remember how Gloria attempted to manipulate the ratio of classrooms to students in front of national TV? We may be witnessing the same kind of smoke and mirrors.

pian said...

Only anti-GMAs find the figures questionable, but 3rd parties without biases like foreign investors don’t question them as much as you do. No matter how you question this, these numbers don’t lie, they are reported worldwide.

cvj said...

Pian, the same questions on the GDP figures was brought up by Peter Wallace yesterday.

To my knowledge, he is not 'anti-GMA'.

cvj said...

Pian, here's the link to Peter Wallace' Manila Standard column last 29-Feb (not yesterday).

pian said...

Then if he’s questioning the data, that should have been brought up in the open since this is supposed to be purely objective and it’s deceiving to foreign investors. Dali, sabihin mo yan!

cvj said...

Pian, it's in his newspaper column so the information is already "out in the open", at least for those who are willing to listen and discern.

Not only is it deceiving foreign investors, more importantly, it is also deceiving the Filipino people who think they are sacrificing their freedoms and tolerating corruption for the sake of economic growth.

pian said...

Kaya nga. Nakakadeceive kung ganon yung figures, so kailangan maireport yan ng husto, at nalilinlang kasi mga tao. Kaya dalian mo na.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone

please allow me to be Anonymous for my own protection. isa rin ako sa mga Blogswarms

may alam kasi ako, gusto ko lang ilantad ito sa masa

nung senate inquiry ni jun lozada...

ang ombudsman pinatawag si FG for a hearing tapos si FG sabi di sya maka appear for health reasons, diba?

si FG na yung next na senate inquiry pero inunahan ni Merceditas... kasi hindi pwedeng sabay imbetigahan si FG nang senate & ombudsman

merceditas = ombudsman

so hawak na ni ombudsman si FG at hindi si senator cayetano, et al

so what's the catch?

tado mga yan. mga kawatan talaga.

kaya inunahan ni merceditas, para hindi ma senate inquiry si FG

to protect FG. pero akala nang taong bayan, the ombudsman was just doing her job

pinapatagal nila. buying time...

it was a political manuever ni merceditas to protect her boss

sabi ng mga lawyers na kilala ko ginagamit ang talino sa kabalastugan

mga lawyers lang can see thru this kasi alam nila pano ang takbo nang batas

magkano kaya binayad kay merceditas para gawin nya mga bagay na eto ano?

PLEASE REPOST my comments para malaman ng taong bayan yung kabulastugan ng ombudsman

akala nang taong bayan, the ombudsman was just doing her job

Anonymous said...

The Newsbreak article "What Friends Are For: The First Gentleman Expands His Old Circle of Ten" explains the relationships between FG, GMA, Merceditas Gutierrez, Alfonso Cusi, Abalos, Joc-joc Bolante, etc.

Anonymous said...


pian said...
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pian said...

Kindly ignore the above post. It was posted in error.
Hindi ko na kinekwestyon yung kakurakutan ng First Family at obvious na to. Ang gusto ko lang kung aalisin natin ang problema sa korupsyon, na maminimize sana yung risk ng transfer of power. Hindi sa wala akong pakialam sa corruption. Ang gusto kong protektahan ng husto yung bayan.
Yung nakalinya kasing papalit sa kanya kung sakaling matanggal siya, binoto ng masa dahil sa sikat lang siya. Hindi niya pinakita sa bayan ang kakayahan niya. Yun ang malaking problema.
Yung China at Vietnam ang iniisip ko ngayon. Meron silang high growth rates na nag-aatract sa foreign investors which will create more jobs, pero alam naman nating mas matindi ang corruption don.