Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interview with Captain Faeldon (Part 4 of 4)

Captain Faeldon emphasizes the need not to be career-oriented:
"...when you think of your career as your number one consideration...everything you do is in preparation for a next promotion, for a higher achievement, and that compromises public service..."
He says that this is the problem with other soldiers i.e. their being too career oriented.

Again, he emphasizes that he will never run for any electoral positon and will never accept any appointive position.

Captain Faeldon says that the most difficult thing he has done is to set his mind to the the worst case scenario...
"Any proponent of ideas [that they think] could eventually survive, and remove them [from their comfort zone]...they will not allow that to happen"
...and says that if he dies fighting and holding on to his beliefs, then he'll be satisfied.


Tongue's Wrath said...

The idealism is consistent as it was in Oakwood.

I am with you on his comment on the restiveness that it may be quite cryptic. Did he mean that they now acknowledge that they were used by politicians then? I would assume, Gringo, maybe Erap too. I always thought their camp would be getting reinforcements later on to be provided by the politicos, but aside from that small band of flag-bearing RAM fanatics, possibly fielded by Gringo, no one else came to support them.

Would that be a fair assumption regarding his comment?

cvj said...

Tongue, yes i think that would be fair. In Manolo's interview with Trillanes which i previously blogged about, there was a point where the latter requested to turn the recorder off as he explains why he still trusts Gringo. I got a sense then that his trust for Gringo might be his Achilles heel.

MBW said...

I prefer this videoed interview of Faeldon to Gloria's tall tales interview by the IHT!

cvj said...

Hi Anna, good to hear from you! I hope your restoration work is going well.