Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jun Lozada's Blog

Kudos to Blogger's Kapihan for launching Jun Lozada's blog. It's not everyday that a genuine Filipino hero joins the ranks of Filipino bloggers.


Anonymous said...

medyo na ban yata ako sa mlq3 o me denial of service sila,di ko makita mga comments,pero yung blog nakikita ko.

sorry for underminig your opinion na ikaw ang pinatatamaan ni mlq3 dun sa elitism.
since di ako makapasok sa comment thread binasa ko ulit, so I understand,how you felt when you felt alluded to.

Again,di ako makikipagplastikan sometimes me mga opinion pa din ako na iba sa mga advocacies mo.
But I still consider you a blogging friend. Two to three years of exchanges is worth a lot afaiac

cvj said...

Hi Karl, i also couldn't access Manolo's comments section. I think his blog is experiencing a technical problem.

You don't have to apologize for disagreeing. Anyway, you may be right that he was not directly alluding to me but was rather reacting to Tonyo Cruz's blog entry. Even so, i still feel the need to respond since Tonyo's position is similar (though not identical) to mine.

Yeah, i can't believe it's been three years. Time really flies! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sige CVJ,
Thank you very much!

Time really flies.


Anonymous said...

Kung mabasa ni mlq3 yung sinabi ko sa ban baka sabihin nya sa akin ang kulit ko naman.kasi dati sa email sinabi na nya na di na style yung banning
at sa blog sinabi nya na anything goes just no life threats.

going back to technical difficulties,would you consider unable to enjoy all the featueres of site, a denial of service attack?

now my sentiments on lozada:
remember my concern for you on that assasination thing:re senator blank.

life is short why worry too much.

liquidation is not a mere tall tale.many still don't buy it,wait till they are the ones who suddenly crosses paths with the powers that be.

if you have read my comment on the other meeting place:
my comment about northrail south rail re: relocation of squatters

that was just an example of the relocation problems,which totoo naman ginagastusan sila. kulang pa yun I have overlooked na ginagastusan nga sila yun nga lang di lubos, no alternative transport,no or incomplete basic services,no schools or jobs to transfer to.pero the so called "good intentions were present".

Pero pag glaring ang corruption I am not saying na rely on trust para lang maimplement ang project.
I cannot badmouth the institutiion that feeds me, and signs my paychecks but sana matapos naman nila ang sinimulan nila,eto me unfinished business ulit. dahil sa sobrang dami, the blue ribbon committee has no choice but to join the rest of bureacracy in its red tape.

cvj said...

Karl, i don't think it's a deliberate attack on Manolo's website (although i may be wrong).

I agree that liquidation is a real possibility. I remember as far back as 2001, that look of fear in Espiritu's face when he was asked to name the smugglers who visited Erap in Malacanang.

I also believe that if the State is out to get you, it eventually will. That's why it's important to get the State under the control of decent individuals who value human life. The problem is, a lot of our countrymen applaud the actions of Duterte or Lacson types because they believe they are not going to be on the receiving end.

I'll have to reread your comment on Northrail.

cvj said...

Karl, i just read your comment over at Manolo's. I think the issue you present highlights the conflict between the government's right of eminent domain for the purpose of mass transport (a public good) versus the right of the urban poor to public housing (another public good). The squatters are entirely within their rights to negotiate their maximum positions. If it were the residents of gated communities such as Forbes Park (or Blue Ridge), wouldn't they have done the same?

Anonymous said...

Ok CVJ,Gotcha!

wala technical difficulty lang siguro di lang naman one time nangyari ito eh.

but still,we would not know,manolo did mention some dos attacks in one of his posts, but di naman nya sinabi sa blog nya yung particular attacks

enjoy your weekend!

cvj said...

Thanks Karl, same to you :-)

Anonymous said...

You are welcome,chuck!