Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pakistan to Return to Civilian Rule

Back in the late 80's when we were being subjected to Honasan's coups, a local TV sitcom spoofed a victorious military junta giving a press conference:
"Reporter: Sir, when will we return to civilian rule?
Junta leader: When we retire.
Reporter: Please clarify.
Junta leader: After we retire, we will then become civilians, so by then you'll all be under civilian rule.
Looks like this Pakistani general also followed Philippine sitcoms. Congratulations Pakistan, (i think).


Anonymous said...

Same monkey, different costume.

cvj said...

Hi Arbet, I think with the postmodern dictators (Musharraf, Putin and our very own GMA), what matters is form over substance. As long as they keep up appearances, there will be enough apathetic people to play along.

EQ said...


There area lot of new "Civilians" (i.e. ex-military men) in Gloria's cabinet:

General Ermita
General Ebdane
General Mendoza
General Reyes

and many other general at sub-cabinet levels...