Friday, February 15, 2008

Gloria Resign

"Those who have gained power by crime are usually compelled to continue their course" - Descartes
(Thanks to Jen for initiating the blogswarm.)


EQ said...

For my part, in these times I often reread the words of the American poet Archibald Macleish: "How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms; by truth when it is attacked by lies; by democratic faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, and in the final act, by determination and faith."

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

In June 2005, Pres Arroyo said sorry for cheating her way into the presidency in 2004. She said, "I want to assure you that I have redoubled my efforts to serve the nation and earn your trust."

I think two and a half years is more than enough time for her to gain back our trust. Sad to say, she has failed in earning our trust back. And so I join you in your call for Pres Arroyo's resignation.

"Goodbye, Gloria! Resign na kami sa 'yo! Resign ka na rin sana!"


Brian Brotarlo said...

Cheap wretapping. Under 1.000 dollars

cvj said...

Thanks Brian! The type of technology described in that link requires some time before the eavesdroppers can decrypt the text message. That means that the kidnappers of Lozada are either bluffing, or they use other technology that enables them to see the plaintext message immediately. I just wish the Senate staff were more tech savvy and then they can summon the Telco's. Perhaps Lozada himself can lend them a hand in this area this time as a technology resource person.