Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mango Tree

Got this email from our Division Manager from a couple of years back:

In 2002, we planted [a mango tree]...The tree has endured and survived typhoons...and now it has borne its first fruits!

The agreement back anytime, anyone in the team can go...and pick fruit from the tree. Well, it may take a few more years before it can have enough fruits but patience, patience.

I guess trees easily can outlive organizations but it's a good reminder that orgs can come and go but people and friendships, just like trees, should endure. Happy picking...whenever.


mschumey07 said...


Leah and Manolo are organizing an eyeball, the soonest possible time sana. You may email or get in touch with Leah. Please tell me where its more convenient for you to hol the eyeball. Nothing fancy, just over a cup of coffee. Hope to hear from you soon.

cvj said...


Thanks for the advice. I'll post a comment in Leah's blog as i don't know her email.