Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Manolo Quezon's Interview With Sonny Trillanes

Highly recommended, listen to Manuel Quezon III's interview with Genuine Opposition candidate Sonny Trillanes. Here's some noteworthy excerpts:

On his legislative agenda: "...the first order of the day legislatively is to have her impeached and once she is impeached i'm going to convict her..."

On Gloria Arroyo's highest crime: "She has a policy of genocide in Mindanao, people are dying there...we're talking about mass killings there...you have barrios bombarded deliberately or mistakenly and they get buried the next day according to Muslim customs..."

On the 'all out war' policy against the Communist Insurgency: "Political killings in particular is being conducted by a special unit...and it's being run by Secretary Norberto Gonzalez."

On the Philippines' National Security Policy : "We don't have any."

On the Administration's claims on making the economy work: "they should try telling that line to the squatters...living under the bridge eating instant noodles everyday"

On his priorities once elected to the Senate:
1. Get rid of Gloria (via impeachment).
2. Support Noli de Castro if and when he takes over.
3. Get rid of corruption in the bureaucracy.

On how to prevent the Armed Forces' intervention in politics: "(1) address internal causes...salary, poor medical equipment, lack of housing...(2) good government"

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