Sunday, May 20, 2007

Philippine Senatorial Election Results: Singapore

This afternoon, I took down the results for the Senatorial elections (directly from the tally sheets) in the Philippine Embassy here in Singapore. Out of 26,835 registered voters, 6,247 voted, a 23 percent participation rate. You can click on the graphic for the details per candidate and precinct.

What is clear from the graphic is the damage done by nuisance candidate Joselito Cayetano to Alan Peter Cayetano of GO. A total of 881 votes was counted in favor of the nuisance candidate which if added to Alan Peter Cayetano's own vote count of 1700 would be enough to propel him to the top 9 slot. Instead, Alan Peter Cayetano is ranked 21st. As mentioned in the Black and White Movement's Statement, the COMELEC must rectify this unjust outcome.

As it stands, among the top twelve, six are from the Genuine Opposition (GO), five are from the Administration's Team Unity (TU) and one Independent. The top twelve rankings are as follows:

CandidatePartyRankVote Count

Update 05-26-2007 : For those who are looking for the Senatorial results for the whole country, you can go to the tally page of You can also get the results for the House of Representatives as reported here by

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Anonymous said...

Mas marami pang boto si goma at si montano kesa kay Alan Peter C.?
Either na mis-read o talagang nakagulo si juju. Kitang-kita ang kamay at galamay ng mandaraya.

Alan must have hit home when he exposed the Bank accounts, ei? Hence they want him destroyed.