Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Data Sources for Worldwide Governance Indicators

As a response to this comment over at mlq3's, i'm listing the sources of the World Bank's World Governance Indicators (WGI) for reference:

Data Sources for Worldwide Governance Indicators
African Development BankCountry Policy & Institutional AssessmentsPollNo
AfrobarometerAfrobarometer SurveySurveyYes
Asian Development BankCountry Policy & Institutional AssessmentsPollPartial
Bertelsmann FoundationBertelsmann Transformation IndexPollYes
Brown University’s Center for Public PolicyGlobal E-GovernancePollYes
Business Environment Risk IntelligenceBusiness Risk ServicePollYes
Qualitative Risk MeasurePollYes
Columbia UniversityState Capacity ProjectPollYes
Economist Intelligence UnitCountry Risk ServicePollYes
European Bank for Reconstruction & DevelopmentTransition ReportPollYes
Freedom HouseCountries at the CrossroadsPollYes
Nations in TransitionPollYes
Freedom in the WorldPollYes
GallupInternational Voice of the People SurveySurveyYes
Global InsightGlobal Risk ServicePollYes
Business Conditions and RiskPollYes
Heritage Foundation / Wallstreet JournalEconomic Freedom IndexPollYes
IJET Travel Intelligence Country Security Risk AssessmentPollYes
Institute for Management and DevelopmentWorld Competitiveness YearbookSurveyYes
International Research & Exchanges BoardMedia Sustainability IndexPollYes
LatinobarometroLatinobarometro SurveysSurveyYes
Merchant International GroupGrey Area DynamicsPollYes
Political & Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC)Corruption SurveySurveyYes
Political Risk ServicesInternational Country Risk GuidePollYes
Reporters Without BordersReporters Without BordersPollYes
State DepartmentTrafficking in People ReportPollYes
State Department / Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights DatasetPollYes
World BankBusiness Enterprise Environment SurveySurveyYes
World Business Environment SurveySurveyYes
Country Policy & Institutional AssessmentsPollPartial
World Economic ForumGlobal Competitiveness ReportSurveyYes

Source for the above, as well as more information can be found here.

Update 03-28-2007 (12:15pm): Where available, i am associating the appropriate links to the sources in the table above, but this would take a bit of time to complete, workload permitting.

Update 03-30-2007 (7:37pm): While searching for the link on 'Latinbarometro', found this paper on Globalization and Latin America: A critical analysis (by Manuel Chiriboga). This contains some useful material on the evolution of the Washington Consensus.

Update 03-30-2007 (8:15pm): Another useful anti-corruption link - Transparency International

Update 03-30-2007 (8:31pm): Looks like i'm done for now. While searching for the above links, i came across a promising-looking site which presents itself as the Guide to Country Research on the Internet. They have reviews on some of the organizations above, usually done in a semi tounge-in-cheek tone.

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