Friday, March 16, 2007

Magsaysay, the Insurgency and the Anti-Terror Law

Manuel Buencamino in this comment offers a timely insight:

"As we commemorate Ramon Magsaysay’s centennial, let us remember that he did not need an anti-terror law to break the back of the Huk rebellion.

Magsaysay was a gentleman. He fought clean. He didn’t an anti-terror law in order to win dirty.

The insurgency issue can be resolved and has been resolved once before. We just have to adopt the right model before it's too late.


mschumey07 said...


Magsaysay knew what the Huks were fighting for, he struck the root cause. He is a gentleman in more ways than one. He held a high regard for basic human rights.

cvj said...

Schumey, i agree and it proved more effective than the all out war strategy that the current government has adopted.