Saturday, March 10, 2007

State Chart of Philippine Democracy: Future Scenarios v1.1

Updated the diagram to reflect Scenario 7 i.e. the tendency of popular dictatorships to transform into elite dictatorships with the passage of time.

This explanation by Manolo Quezon, which brings up the risks of infiltration by radical elements of the unicameral assembly (which supplied one of the reasons for the establishment of the Senate during Manual Quezon's Presidency), is one of the ways in which Scenario 3 below, can come about. The difference is that in a parliamentary set-up, the radicals will be in a position to elect the national leadership.

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mschumey07 said...

With the number of hacienderos in congress, an elitist government is becoming a reality. Just look at how Iggy Pidal continues to prevent the installation of the farmers on hunger strike. We'll be back to feudalism in no time. I also do not agree that just because the poor do not pay taxes, they lose their right to complain. What we have is a regressive society. Hindi lamang ang may pera ang anak ng Diyos.