Monday, May 14, 2007

Election Day, 2007

Thanks to the COMELEC staff who promptly resent my 'Returned to Sender' absentee ballot via DHL, i was able to vote yesterday morning. The Philippine Embassy here in Singapore, even with a previous announcement that they would be closed, remained open. Kudos goes to them as well. FWIW, i voted for the eleven Genuine Opposition Candidates...

Trillanes - A genuine Filipino hero. He has chosen to suffer for his beliefs. On criticisms that he is just another military adventurer like Gringo, as one commenter 'freewheel' over at MLQ3's said, "...both do wear fatigues, yes, and both were accused of mutiny but the similarities end just after they started".

Alan Peter S. Cayetano - If you plan to vote for him, be sure to put in his full name. He upset the first couple so he must be doing something right.

Noynoy Aquino - Heir to Ninoy's legacy. Certainly a better choice than his Tita.

Chiz Escudero - Possible future President (or Prime Minister). As one of the leading voices of the opposition, i will forgive him his own lapse of judgement in not prioritizing math subjects. I just hope he does not put Danding Cojuangco's interest over that of the Filipino people.

Panfilo Lacson - In any other election, i would not have imagined voting for him. However, as i've said before, the circumstances require that i shelve those reservations for now.

Loren Legarda - My only beef against her was that she chose to run under FPJ. Turns out she was right, i was wrong.

John Osmena - I realize that he is not popular (and with good reason), but one time, his convoy did stop to rush one of my office mates to the hospital when the latter met with a fatal car accident. So he can't be all that bad.

Nikki Coseteng - After all, she's part of GO.

Aquilino Pimentel III - I hope he takes after his father in terms of sticking to principles.

Sonia Roco - Widow of the late Presidential candidate, but an accomplished individual on her own right.

Manuel Villar - Another possible future President (or Prime Minister). Independently wealthy.

...and one Ang Kapatiran candidate:

Martin Bautista - I like his advocacy of capping debt payments and refocusing on Healthcare, but what clinched it for me was his take on Gloria's legitimacy issue (a response to a question asked by John Marzan) where he said "We cannot afford to have an illegitimate President who tampered with the one sacred duty we must all perform."

As for the other Kapatiran bets, maybe next time but for now, it is not the time to divide the vote.

BTW, Schumey has an update on the inventive ways some politicians plan to cheat.

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