Thursday, May 24, 2007

Speculation on a Post-GMA Scenario

Here's one possible sequence of events leading to a post-GMA scenario:
  1. Reelected speaker Jose de Venecia (JDV) relaunches the initiative for Charter Change towards a Unicameral Parliamentary system.
  2. To get the cooperation of the Senate, JDV approaches the opposition Senators offering his Party's (Lakas-CMD) support for Gloria's impeachment.
  3. Gloria is impeached. Noli de Castro takes over.
  4. The House and Senate votes to change to a hybrid Presidential-Parliamentary model with powers divided among the two.
  5. The proposed revision is approved in a Plebiscite.
  6. Noli de Castro stays on as President under the new constitution and JDV becomes Prime Minister.
  7. A few months later, JDV suffers a no-confidence vote and Chiz Escudero takes over as Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

You really have to add that number 7, he he he.

Jego said...

Let's just move on. :-D