Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BnW's List of Candidates for the House

The Black and White Movement has released its 'Black and White' list of Candidates to endorse for the House of Representatives. As stated in their rationale for coming up with such a list:

"We need to elect into Congress 79 men and women of moral courage who will initiate the process of impeachment. Then and only then can we determine with finality whether GMA is accountable for the unabated corruption, extrajudicial killings, fertilizer scam, and cheating in the 2004 elections."

I've posted the list of names (as of April 17) in the right side-bar for easier reference. If you belong to any of the Congressional Districts listed, please consider voting for the corresponding candidate. The names highlighted in blue are running in races that are considered specially significant for one reason or other as explained in the above link. For Overseas voters, you can choose a Party List to vote for.

There are 48 names plus eleven Party Lists, each of which can be entitled to up to 3 elected members. That makes a total of eighty one (81) potential opposition members in the House. As previously stated, the target is seventy nine (79) so meeting the numbers will be a challenge (but is nevertheless doable). Every vote counts.

Update (6:32pm): Added hyperlinks to Party List candidates.

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