Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Abalos Political Deathwatch: Day Five

At Uniffors, check out Manuel Buencamino's account of Joey de Venecia's revelations made at the Black and White Forum.

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MBW said...


It's no longer just corruption by one tiny group, eg., dept level, but has risen notches higher, the act of looting now is effected by a congregation of the most corrupt, financially and morally i.e., PALACE, DOTC, NEDA, COMELEC, LOWER HOUSE and god knows which other dept (ok, only the mafia chiefs and their consiglieries were involved but what a Mafia!)

There should be a deathwatch for all of them starting with Gloria!

There is no doubt in my mind that Gloria was in on this ZTE deal big time.

She can scream all she wants and call in the Pope as her witness but a deal this size at government level, endorsed no less than by her DOTC, the biggest money generating dept in her corrupt govt and couple that with the fact that she went to China to witness the deal, the only deal that was tabled during her China visit, meant she was in on it.

In theory (and in practice) no dept chief can hide such a big contract from the chief executive and get away with it - the DOTC chief wouldn’t have dared sign a loan agreement binding the govt without first clearing it up with Malacanang. Knowing Gloria’s and her husband’s corruption record, the bribery offer for such a contract couldn’t have escaped Gloria and so she went with it.

Too many circumstancial evidences that Gloria was part and parcel of the corruption deal have the famous Gloria-fatso Mikey imprimatur. (And now Joey de Venecia is squealing!)

How in heaven’s name could this Gloria be so dumb to think that she could get away with it? She’s greedy and she’s dumb!

Billions of pesos in upfront bribes (and the rest presumably in "promisory notes", ugh!) while a huge sector of the population wallow in extreme poverty barely capable of having 3 meals a day and these shitheads, loot the Philippine treasury in abundance with nary a thought that what they are doing is WRONG WRONG, WRONG!

I hope this time around, Filipinos are not gonna let go of her and her conspirators that easy. Filipinos should prevent her - and them - from enjoying the fruit of this solidly garganutan act of corruption!