Monday, September 24, 2007

Romulo Neri is the Second Envelope

At least Gloria Arroyo is acting like he is.

Update Sept-24-2007 3:39PM: Via Ellen, a call to protect Romulo Neri:

"Please join citizens and civil society groups in holding a vigil at his residence at No. 28 Palale St., Banawe, Quezon City to show our support and prevent the Palace from preventing Romy Neri from testifying on Wednesday.
(Update Sept-26-2007 11:43pm: Scratch that).

God bless our nation."
This is one of those times i wish i could be back home.

Update Sept-26-2007 8:41PM: From Manolo Quezon's liveblogging, it looks like the 'second envelope' has refused to open itself.

Update Oct-01-2007 11:23PM: Jarius Bondoc opens the envelope.

Update Oct-07-2007 2:23AM: I just read Randy David's Inquirer column for September 29 where he explains how a technocrat such as Neri is useful to GMA's illegitimate government:

"The usefulness of technical men like Neri to government, especially one with a severe legitimacy and trust problem, cannot be gainsaid. The social capital they have acquired from their previous engagement in academe serves as an effective smokescreen for all the sordid deals that are transacted daily in the higher echelons of government. Those who are aware of it are sometimes called whores of power. The naïve ones who don’t, sooner or later, wake up to the realities of power in which they are implicated."


Prince Heinell said...

If he doesn't blink, that is.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the fellow will show up - he might have last minute jitters and could very well fly away...away from the madding crowd.


MBW said...

But again, what good will the second envelope do if in crowd, I mean, the "elite" and the civil society refuses to read what's in the envelope...

cvj said...

MBW, true. I'm hoping the elite and civil society still have enough sense of self-respect. If they were able to fool themselves then, it's become much harder to do so now.

Jego said...

It seems to be turning out that Mr. Neri needs no protection. He is already well protected by powerful people and will continue to be as long as he sings the song they taught him to sing. Executive privilege, my foot!

cvj said...

Yes Jeg. It looks like the 'second envelope' has refused to open itself.

Jego said...

So the senate hearings on ZTE didnt kill GMA's administration. The question now is, did it make it stronger?

cvj said...

Jeg, this Administration is already dead. They just don't know it yet.