Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Abalos Political Deathwatch: Day Thirteen

Kudos to Manolo for live-blogging yesterday's Senate hearings. Ellen Tordesillas deconstructs Abalos' reaction:
"Reacting to Joey’s Senate testimony. Abalos feigned ignorance and powerlessness: 'Do I have that kind of influence?'

If you made someone who was not elected by the people win as president, you have power over her. You can demand the whole Internet Highway and she is in no position to say 'No'. That is called payback.
This time around, Bong Austero no longer seems inclined to 'move on'.

Update Sept-19-2007 3:00AM: The Arroyo Family's lawyer in the blogosphere has just checked-in over at Manolo's and it appears that the GMA camp will definitely be going for the tried and tested deadma strategy. Maybe that will give the "Let's move on camp" time to recover their voice.

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