Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For Bong, It's Personal

As stated in his recent column, it seems that Bong Austero has no intention of moving on from the ZTE scandal:

"All of these may seem water under the bridge with the suspension of the ZTE deal giving a whole new dimension to the admonition 'back off'. The administration people are now saying people should back off already because the suspension has effectively brought closure to the whole stinking mess.

All’s well that ends well? I don’t think so."
I find this stand commendable and think publishing the above also takes a certain amount of courage considering the newspaper he works for. As with his earlier blog entry, i sense that this matter has become a personal and emotional one, particularly when he states that:

"What really gets my goat about this ZTE mess is that it happened after this administration has already gotten what it wanted, which is the chance to redeem itself."
I suppose he counts himself as one of those who gave Gloria Arroyo's administration a chance to redeem itself and with good reason. His sense of betrayal is therefore understandable and something i can relate to. As someone who voted for Gloria Arroyo in 2004, I felt the same way after learning of Hello Garci back in 2005. Back then, it became personal for me as well. It still is.

I gave Bong my reaction to his column, but since his comments section may still be having technical problems, i'm reposting it here:

"The problem is that this Administration had to reward those who helped it keep power. It's not for nothing that one of the officials at the center of the scandal happens to be the Chairman of the COMELEC. GMA's illegitimate stay is a continuing crime which in turn leads to other crimes, which is why i never agreed with your call to move on. It was never in their heart to redeem themselves."
I hope he stays on the same side in the coming days. Who knows? With enough people following his lead, the Center might finally hold.


Deany Bocobo said...

In last Friday's Cross Roads the CHR rep claims that when the Commission tried to bring Mrs. Burgos and the military authorities together, she and her lawyer refused to testify or even meet with them to help with leads. Instead she flies off to the UNCHR or something. Makes me wonder if she is NPA too or some kind of sympathizer because she believes them and not the govt. I think this story, when the truth comes out, may blow the lid wide open on the CPP NPA.

mschumey07 said...

Hehehe... Solita Monsod has joined the bandwagon too. The ripple had turned into a surge. I just hope this snowballs into something bigger.

Jego said...

It'll be Oplan God Save the Queen. Theyll try to shield GMA from the stink as much as they can. Neri has just testified under oath that Abalos offered him a bribe and that he reported it to the president. GMA can claim she instructed so-and-so to investigate the allegations. She'll probably do something to appease JDV, too, to forestall any impeachment moves in the House. Either way, Abalos's goose is cooked.

But I think the middle class still has the Noli factor to contend with (read: they dont want him), so Im not holding my breath. Im sure theyre not up for something revolutionary.

Prince Heinell said...

I think it is time for the middle class to realize the mistake that they had forced on us. All I can do now is gloat and say, I told you so.

The lesser evil turns out to be the real devil; as what moralists would say, don't dabble with evil, however small it is.

Just wanted to gloat. It can be fun sometimes. We need fun sometimes.

PS: I just hope the middle class will clean up their mess this time.

MBW said...


I think snowballing into something bigger will come if Neri is made to reveal all that he doesn't want to reveal today.

Neri has got to have the moral courage to expose everything, otherwise, this exposé might end up with a squaky thud.

Anonymous said...


For me, it's very personal too...