Saturday, October 06, 2007

Esperon and the Truth About 'Hello Garci'

Via Ellen Tordesillas, these are the words of the officers Ramrod referred to in the previous entry, calling on Gloria Arroyo's AFP Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon to tell the truth about his role in the rigging of the May 2004 Presidential Elections:
"Never in the history of the Armed Forces of the Philippines has one man and his criminal gang brought so much shame to our beloved organization. Allegations that this man and a few criminal elements among the ranks of the AFP have allowed themselves to be used to subvert the Constitution and destroy the very essence of democracy have become our collective shame.

Nay, it is our collective shame that we failed to STOP them. The thought of this failure reaffirms our resolve to bring them to justice. That is our covenant with the people and our sworn duty to the Constitution.

We have been repeatedly called by Mr. Esperon as “political destabilizers” in almost every forum that affords him opportunity. We pose these questions to you Mr. Esperon:

Who cried unabashedly in front of national viewers when his mentor announced that she will not covet the presidency again?

Who stands accused of cheating in the elections in 2004? Who stands accused of lying? Who stands accused of stealing votes? Who was mentioned in the Garci tapes?

Who debased the Armed Forces of the Philippines by being party to cheating, stealing and lying? Who hides behind EO 464 when given the opportunity to let the truth out?”

Who vigorously opposes the Mayuga report from being published?

Who hides behind that little skirt to save his ass?

Who invokes the words `state secret’ like a criminal who invokes the Fifth Amendment when caught?

And since when has a criminal act become a state secret?

Pray tell, Mr. Esperon.

Patriotism is not our monopoly, Mr. Esperon.

No! In fact, the mere mention of this word brings out inadequacies in us. However, our definition of patriotism does not include involving ourselves in the criminal act of subverting the will of the people. Neither does it include closing our eyes while the crime is being committed.

Incarceration is a very small price to pay for that definition.

There are 'more good men outside', you said. We agree, Mr. Esperon. Our sympathies go to those men who are placed in an unenviable position to clean up the mess that you made. Our sympathies go to those good men who try to rebuild the institution which you had destroyed. Our sympathies go to those good men who are left to pick up the pieces after being victims of a crime themselves.

Allow us to refresh your memory to recount events, Mr. Esperon. During the height of the fighting in Central Mindanao, a Marine general offered his own blood so than an enemy may live. Another marine general took it upon himself to lobby for a humane treatment for Nur Misuari whom we all had the opportunity to cross swords. Do we need to tell you who Nur Misuari is, Mr. Esperon?

Those, Mr. Esperon are acts of honorable men. Those acts distinguish men of courage. Those acts remind us that the AFP is an institution, upholds human dignity of life.

Yes Mr. Esperon, you may succeed in destroying our physical being but never shall you have the satisfaction of destroying our will and spirit, as well. NEVER!

We have not given up on you, Mr. Esperon. There might still be some good left in you. You will be leaving the service in a few months time. Please do the nation and your family a favor. Tell the truth. You might still earn our salute. Every Navy man worth is salt knows why we call you 'Mister'…We lost that on you.



The pressure is too strong. No wonder the Unelected President is impatient to get Congress to pass a law safeguarding military secrets.

cvj said...

Hi Chyt, yes, the GMA Admin is desperate to keep their secrets bottled up. I hope there are many more like those 28 officers on the outside who take their code of conduct seriously.

Unknown said...

Hi Chuck,

Chyt is right. Strong pressure from all sides and not least from within their own.

Ramrod published the PMA Alumni Assoc letter of 2006 and same could be gleaned. They are stepping up the drumbeat for the revival of the code of honour.

And rightly so.

mschumey07 said...

An ass will always be an ass....right Mr. Assperon?