Monday, October 29, 2007

Save Marilou Ranario Campaign

From Yuko Takei:

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 15:53:14 +0800

Dear friends,

Warm greetings! We’re writing to enjoin member organizations and our network to participate in a November 13th internationally-coordinated day of action for Marilou Ranario, the Filipino domestic worker on death row in Kuwait .

November 13th is the first day of oral arguments on Marilou’s case with the Kuwaiti Supreme Court (the Court of Cassation). According to the DFA, a final verdict is expected by January or February next year.

We suggest that actions on that day be directed at Kuwait embassies or consulates in your areas since we need to make them aware of the strong and widespread support for Marilou. The tone of activities will be to appeal to the Kuwait Amir and other government officials to spare her life at the minimum and at the maximum, release and repatriate her.

In this light, we propose the following activities may be held on our November 13th day of action:
  1. Delegation to local Kuwait embassy to submit letters of appeal or petitions for Marilou;
  2. Release of organizational resolutions by our organizations and other Filipino groups na maari makausap to participate in this campaign;
  3. Email or fax barrage to the Kuwait embassy or Kuwait Amir’s office (email and fax is on the sample letter to the Amir); and
  4. Issue press releases and statements to media (na nag-appeal to the Kuwait government at sumisingil sa Arroyo government sa kanilang criminal neglect and culpability in this case)
For your reference, please find attached an information kit about this case (fact sheet, appeal from Marilou’s sister, appeal to the Kuwait Amir, tagalog petition and tagalog flyer).

We’re still finalizing the English petition but we will circulate it as soon as it’s finished.

As well, please find following a quick update about our Save Marilou Ranario Campaign to date:
  1. Last October 10th, we formally launched the Save Marilou Ranario Movement with a march, interfaith service and press conference at the Quezon Memorial Circle . This activity was held on the World Day Against the Death Penalty. In Hong Kong , UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK also led a picket at the RP consulate to raise Marilou’s issue as well as the case of Jocelyn Dulnuan and other victims of the Arroyo government’s criminal neglect.

    SMRM Convenor members include: the Diocese of Novaliches (Marilou’s parish in Quezon City); Religious of the Good Shepherd-WJPIC; AMRSP mission partner Women and Gender Commission; United Methodist Church; National Council of Churches in the Philippines; KASIMBAYAN; GABRIELA; ACT; Center for Women’s Resources; United Council of Churches in the Philippines; and Migrante International. The invitation of new conveners to the SMRM is ongoing.

  2. In Surigao, Marilou’s home province, GABRIELA-Surigao has met with the family and formed a local Save Marilou Ranario Movement Committee. They’ve also begun to project her case in local media and along with church people, they’ve also been able to mobilize lawyers, other advocates and former classmates of Marilou.

  3. The Center for Women’s Resources produced a short video about Marilou’s case that we will try get onto soonest.

  4. The next activity of the SMRM at the national level is an inter-agency dialogue on November 7th about Marilou’s case, other death row cases as well as other urgent issues of migrants. This will be held at St. Peter’s Cathedral. Already, the Usec. Conejos of the Office for the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs has confirmed his presence.
Thank you in advance and we hope for your participation in the upcoming November 13th internationally-coordinated day of action for Marilou Ranario.

In the service of migrants and their families,

Maita Santiago

Migrante International
#65 10th Avenue
Brgy. Socorro, Cubao
Quezon City, Philippines
Telefax: (63-2) 911-4165
For further updates, please visit Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants website.

Update 12-9-07 11:56PM: Kuwait Emir commutes Marilou Ranario's sentence to Life Term


Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the links. Am printing and sending signed copy of the letter to Kuwait's High Commission here in the EU capital.


Anonymous said...

It puzzles me why anyone would save a guilty murderess from the same fate thru death penalty. If she were innocent, sure campaign for her release, but if she is guilty and admits to it and evidence shows she did it, she should be punished. If it happened in the Philippines, where a housemaid murders the housewife employer, would anyone try to save the maid from the death penalty? It would be unconscionable to side with a murderess. I would rather side with the dead victim. There seems to be a disturbing pattern of Filipina maid murdering her employer which should be addressed by the Philippine government. Maybe if an agency is appointed to keep in touch with foreign employers and OFWS, then any abuse or bad feelings could be resolved thru exchanging the OFW with another employer or deportation in extreme cases. But to defend someone guilty of murder is not just. Trials are held because someone is accused of committing a crime, and trials end when the guilty party is determined.

cvj said...

Hi Anonymous, Marilou Ranario is my kababayan who got into trouble in a foreign country. If we Filipinos don't look out for each other, then who else will do that for us?