Thursday, October 04, 2007

La Salle Brothers: Please Rename This Building

[Image Source: Wikipedia]

This building was originally called "Br. Athanasius Sports Complex" (named after a past University President). It was built in 1998 with funds coming from DLSU almuni. In January 2003, alumnus Enrique Razon Jr. made a 50 Million peso donation. In February 2003, the name of the building was changed to "Enrique M. Razon Sports Center".

In light of recent events, and in my capacity as an alumnus, i would like to request the La Salle Brothers to change the name of this building back to its original name. The elite, a number of them alumni of this institution have been instrumental in the continuing degeneration of Philippine Society into a place hospitable only to those with money and power, quite the opposite of St. La Salle's original mission. The La Salle Brothers are in a unique position to convey their disapproval of this unfortunate transformation. I hope they use this opportunity to define what it means to be a La Sallian.


MBW said...

What seems to be terribly wrong with the name of the building cvj?

Is it because he was or is related to Ricky Razon, the godfather of mafia business in Pinas?

Dom Cimafranca said...

"Rename the building? Sure! That'll be fifty million pesos, please...."