Monday, October 01, 2007

Ang Kapatiran

Commenter Pian left this message:
"Do consider Dr. Martin Bautista for the next elections obviously (a senatorial candidate of ‘Ang Kapatiran’ together with Adrian Sison and Zosimo Paredes). He’s a 45-year-old gastroenterologist in the US who came home after 17 years. You can see from his background that he truly means service. For those who find him to be a hypocrite for working abroad, do understand he’s a family man who needs to sustain his family, that he will be able to keep his independence by not relying on public funds to support his family. He helps his countrymen in his capacity but it’s just not enough for there are millions of Filipinos. It’s a good start in Philippine Politics to have him and his party around.

I urge you to forward/text/inform all your contacts about them. I believe they only lack exposure that’s why I’m doing this. But I can’t do it alone so I’m appealing to everyone’s help. If all will inform their contacts about them and urge them as well to forward, we might hit a million.

We cannot afford to be indifferent now if we want meaningful change. Otherwise we only have ourselves to blame. BUT TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
I voted for Martin Bautista in the last elections and will do so again if he runs in the next one. As for 'Ang Kapatiran' itself, their religious pedigree turns-off the secularist in me, but I agree with Conrado de Quiros that the party provides a genuine alternative to opporunistic politicians whether in the Administration or the Opposition.

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Anonymous said...

Disenchantment with the traditional choices is bound to make a “new” alternative attractive, but is a party that supports the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control the way to go? Overpopulation is source of so many the Philippines’ problems, from pollution, to overcrowded schools, to enforced emigration to feed large families, I could go on and on. Its support for the church’s illogical and irresponsible stance on family planning is enough to rule out Ang Kapatiran for me, not that I have the vote anyway of course.